A New Year Message From The Captain

  • January 24, 2019

Dear Esteemed Members,

Happy New Year to everyone and I am exceedingly delighted and honoured to be your Captain. On behalf of the President, Vice President and the Executive Committee (ExCo) and on my own behalf, we thank you for the confidence and support since we assumed office. Our promise is that we will not take anything for granted but deliver to your expectations. May I take this opportunity to thank my predecessor Captain Clive Shamwana and his team for his leadership and laying a strong foundation for the Lusaka Golf Club (LGC).

The Year 2019 has an air of great promise about it and as you might all be now aware, we are on course to embark on our life-line infrastructure development projects.

My ExCo, which was ushered in office in August 2018, has pushed aggressively on some of the key deliverables that I had promised in my campaign under the 10 Point Plan and wish to share with you some of them;

Constitution Review

The ExCo resolved to review LGC current Constitution (2013). Consequently ExCo appointed Mr Francis C. Kapilikisha as Chairman of the Lusaka Golf Club Constitution Review Commission (LGCCRC). Primarily, the LGCCRC has been tasked to address all the contentious issues and lacunas, if any, in the current Constitution. To achieve this, members of LGC have been requested to submit written and/or oral submissions. This is work in progress.

Infrastructure Development Projects

Several years ago, at an AGM, the LGC members gave the then incoming ExCo the

investors for a project to make the LGC financially independent and self-sustainable as well as upgrade the club house and course to a more modern and premium standards”. Subsequently numerous committees had attempted to fulfil the mandate with presentations from the Peter Matkovich Group, AE7/ADMA and the EXINV group as potential developers.

It is against this back drop that we decided to constitute the Lusaka Golf Club Infrastructure Development Project Committee (LGCIDPC) to deliver on this promise. It is the intention of ExCo that the LGC gets the best possible project and development as envisaged by members. To this effect, Mr Arthur Ndhlovu was appointed as Chairman of the LGCIDP Committee.

ZANACO Masters and Course Equipment

I am glad to inform the general membership that ZANACO has formally signed an agreement with LGC and the Zambia Golf Union for the 2019 ZANACO Master’s sponsorship. The Tournament is scheduled for early April 2019 and good progress has been made to prepare for the ZANACO Masters under the Chairmanship of Mr Roy Penney.

To ensure that the course is in excellent condition for this prestigious tournament and for the general enjoyment of play by members, we have acquired a new tractor; fully repaired the other two tractors which are now back in service. We have also ordered a new fairway cutter from South Africa which is expected to be delivered before the end of January, 2019. On another note, we have decided to dispose-off all machinery that has become obsolete at the workshop.

Bar Service

To mitigate the poor bar services that the members were subjected to almost through-out 2018, the ExCo decided to take-over the running of the bar on a temporary basis as we identify a reliable service provider. In the meantime, Fairways Café will continue operating the swimming pool bar as this matter is currently before the Courts. All the former staff of Fairways Café have been enganged on short term contracts for continuity.


In order to ensure that the Club’s communications are current, consistent, accurate, and promote the appropriate vision for member retention, relevance and recruitment, the committee has embarked on a journey to recruit a well-qualified and competent Marketing Officer. Despite this,

marketing strategy. Members are encouraged to visit the Lusaka Golf Club website: http://lusakagolf.club or e-mail: lusakagolfclub@yahoo.co.uk

Please remember that this is YOUR club and so please help us on our mission by being ambassadors of LGC, spread the word about the great golfing experience, value for money, friendly atmosphere that we have to offer.

Arrears on Subscription Fees

At the AGM held on August 31, 2018, it was resolved to increase subscription fees by ZMW600.00 for full members. It was further resolved that the increase should be applied retroactively from July 1, 2018 and payment should be made by November 30, 2018.

However, the ExCo resolved to extend the payment of all arrears on subscription, including the increment of ZMW600.00, to January 31, 2019. Please note that any member who will not have paid by this date will automatically cease to be a member and will be required to re-apply in order to be re-admitted.


Our target for 2019 is to ensure that a New Constitution and Rules of the Club which will stand the test of time is in place. In addition, we hope to identify partners for Infrastructure development projects and start preliminary works in the first quarter of the year. We can no longer afford to procrastinate on the inevitable infrastructure development projects. We are determined to make the Club self-sustained with adequate financial resources. We can only achieve this when we work together and sing from the same hymn book.

The year ahead will bring its own challenges but I remain exceedingly confident that by working together, keeping focused, eyes on the ball, on our priorities and putting you, as members first, we can achieve the ambitious goals that we have set for ourselves.These will certainly continue to be my priorities and I will continue to count on you for support. A lot of work has been done so far but this does not mean we will be slowing down.

Let me end by thanking the Trustee’s for their unfailing support and guidance.

I look forward to seeing you out enjoying our course during the Season!

Noel N koma


December 31, 2018